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South Bay TMS Advantages

TMS therapy is FDA-approved for the treatment of Major Depression in patients. Electromagnetic therapy is safe and scientifically validated.
Medication Free
South Bay TMS uses a medication-free therapeutic modality that is highly effective, without the side-effects of traditional medication.
Successful with Treatment Resistant Depression
One of the most successful treatments for Major Depressive Disorder, TMS therapy is successful even with treatment-resistant depression.
Restore Internal Balance
South Bay TMS techniques help the brain form new, healthy pathways - with wide reaching, positive effects.
While the TMS Therapy success rate is high, the treatment itself is non-invasive. No surgery needed for powerful results.
Life-Changing Results
Check out our testimonials for examples of the life-changing results we help our clients achieve.

Accepted Insurances

We are in network with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Magellan, and Cigna. We can also accept any PPO plan.
Research conducted on the effectiveness of anti-depressant medications show a 30-50% remission rate, compared to the 70% remission rate of TMS - suggesting that TMS Therapy is more than twice as effective as medications!

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Our Locations

We have professionally served many residents from the South Bay TMS (San Pedro TMS, Long Beach TMS, Palos Verdes TMS, Torrance TMS, Inglewood TMS), the Beach Cities TMS (Redondo Beach TMS, Hermosa Beach TMS, Manhattan Beach TMS, El Segundo TMS, Marina del Rey TMS, Culver City TMS), West L.A. TMS (Santa Monica TMS, Beverly Hills TMS) and even from out of state.