El Segundo Depression Treatment

El Segundo TMS TherapyThe ills of depression are extremely well documented, but this does not mean that there is a single cure that is capable of handling every single case of depression. After all, depression has proven itself to be a wily creature, being a rather challenging condition to diagnose correctly and accurately, even in the hands of an experienced doctor or psychiatrist. Who can tell as to when feeling the clues is a temporary condition, and whether it will develop into a prolonged mental and emotional torture chamber? Upon a successful diagnosis, what is the right approach in helping the depressed patient return to society as normally as possible? The emotional state of a person and his or her mood swings are subjective conditions in which the frail human psyche are subjected to. With certain people being made out of tougher stuff than others, there is always a segment of humanity who are frailer than others, entering the downward spiral of depression which could be extremely tough to emerge from the situation, unscathed.

No single case of depression is the same as the next because of the special circumstances surrounding it. For certain patients, they might require years and years of treatment prior to seeing any progress, if any. Thankfully, humanity has seen how medical science and technology has made fair number strides in recent years. Some depressed people would rely on pharmacotherapy that requires a minimum of one course of an antidepressant drug, while others who suffer from more serious bouts of depression, could be open to exploring the option of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

ECT is touted to be painless because the patient would have undergone general anesthesia, and is often explored when there is no other avenue available. Assuming both pharmacotherapy and ECT have failed to deliver the desired results, do not worry. The door of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy could be the stepping stone to the road of recovery.

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TMS therapy has come under the limelight in recent years, where it is a non-invasive procedure that will rely on magnetic fields. In a TMS therapy session, the patient’s scalp would see an electromagnetic coil located in a strategic manner near the forehead. This particular electromagnet will be used to administer a magnetic pulse. In return, this magnetic pulse will do its job in stimulating nerve cells that are located in the brain’s region which will handle mood control and depression.

Unlike ECT which requires general anesthesia (GA), and hence eliminating whatever small risk that a patient undergoes with GA, TMS therapy is well worth a shot. TMS therapy might not be fully understandable in how it works at the moment, but as it has been proven effective to ease symptoms of depression while offering a better mood for the patient without any negative side effects, it is worth a shot.

El Segundo is located on the Santa Monica Bay, and just like any other city worth its salt, it might be teeming with life and activity, but there are also downsides of depression. Depression does not look at the social status or financial capability of someone – it is able to strike without prior warning. However, surrounding factors have been proven to be triggers for depression, and El Segundo is no stranger to pollution and toxic waste. To the north of El Segundo lies the Los Angeles International Airport, while Manhattan Beach is located in the south, with the Pacific Ocean being the boundary in the west.

While the city of El Segundo works on converting industrial sites into shopping malls and sports facilities, there remains constant aircraft noise that emanates from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), being a trigger for stress and depression in certain people. Why not be a friend and help your depressed family member or friend get in touch with a nearby El Segundo depression treatment facility? The familiarity of the city and people around the depressed person, along with the right kind of TMS treatment offered, is a potent combination in helping one emerge from one’s shell and be at peace with him or herself, alongside the rest of society.

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Life might not be going the way as expected, and the weight of the world might be too much to bear, with seemingly very little or no way out. If you happen to be in such a situation, or happen to know of someone who needs help, then perhaps it is good to explore TMS therapy as an avenue of meeting this mental and emotional health challenge head on. South Bay TMS Therapy is poised as one of the premier providers when it comes to El Segundo depression treatment.

Do take note that the patient will be held fully accountable for the entire cost of the TMS therapy treatment. As health insurance policies have been proven to be an essential tool in anyone’s financial arsenal in this day and age, it would be advisable to explore before seeking El Segundo depression treatment or El Segundo anxiety treatment with us. Normally, those with health insurance policy coverage for depression treatment in El Segundo would have to fork out the initial amount before the insurance company provides the reimbursement at a later date.

In the event that one does not own an insurance policy which is able to cover the cost, it would be best to get in touch with a TMS prescribing doctor or psychiatrist who is able to sit down and think through the possible options of financing such treatment. This is where medical opinion needs to be melded with financial counseling.

The consultants over at South Bay TMS Therapy are more than pleased to answer any kind of questions that the patient might have concerning depression treatment in El Segundo, in addition to anxiety treatment. We believe that everyone deserves to have a new lease of life with El Segundo TMS therapy, and would do our utmost best to come up with a tailor-made program which will be able to conform to a particular budget and emotional state of the patient.