tms therapy in hermosa beachNobody likes to be depressed, but it can be a rather challenging condition to diagnose. After all, where does one draw the line in feeling the blues temporarily, to an extended period of time that will require a different approach in getting back to what society deems as normal? Mood swings, the emotions of the heart, all of these are difficult and very subjective conditions in which the frail human psyche are subjected to.

Some of us might be made from sterner stuff that are more than capable of brushing away what life throws our way, but others are more fragile than expected – and the straw that breaks the camel’s back could prove too much to handle, leading into a downward spiral of depression that many would find difficult to get out of.

Depression/Anxiety Treatment

As every single case of depression is different due to the special circumstances surrounding it, the severity of the depression will also vary. In fact, it might even take years and years of treatment before there is little, or some noticeable progress. In order to combat depression, medical science and technology has made strides over the years, where some would rely on pharmacotherapy (which will involve at least one course of an antidepressant drug), in addition to counseling. In select instances of more serious bouts of depression, patients might have been exposed to the option of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) – which is deemed to be painless in nature despite popular opinion, and yet effective when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Of course, there are certain quarters who believe that ECT is painful and inhumane, but there has been documented successful cases of ECT which improved the quality of life in a depressed patient, even eliminating depression altogether. In recent times, however, it looks like there is yet another option that might prove itself to be useful in bringing one back from the brink of depression even if ECT has failed – that is, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy. TMS therapy is best described to be a method of non-invasive procedure which will make use of magnetic fields.

These magnetic fields will be able to help stimulate the nerve cells that are located within the brain, and given enough time with TMS therapy, the symptoms of depression will hopefully disappear. After all, the stimulated nerve cells in the brain are kicked into action after being left dormant or extremely sluggish because of the depressed condition of the patient.

A TMS therapy session would normally comprise of an electromagnetic coil that will be strategically placed against the patient’s scalp, which would be near the forehead. This electromagnet then administers a magnetic pulse which will help to stimulate nerve cells that are located in the brain’s region that handles mood control and depression. It is a completely painless procedure, and does not require any form of general anesthesia unlike ECT. While TMS therapy is not understood completely, it has been shown to ease depression symptoms as well as improve the overall mood of the patient for the long term. Just because one lives along the swanky neighborhood stretch located in Hermosa Beach does not mean that one is immune to depression.

Depression can strike anyone, anywhere, without taking into consideration the person’s economic status or social standing. With Hermosa Beach being a beachfront city that is located in the Los Angeles County, California, sandwiched between Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach to the south and east, life could not get any better in that area. The beachfront area is especially popular for sunbathing activities as well as other beach side sports such as volleyball, surfing, and paddle boarding, not neglecting the social aspect with the inclusion of many bars.

Assuming one happens to live in the Hermosa Beach area and is plagued with depression, why not contact South Bay TMS Therapy?

Rather than whittle the evenings away, downing one beer after another in an attempt to drown the sorrows, that money and time could have been better invested at a place that offers depression treatment in Hermosa Beach. Be a friend today and help a depressed contact or loved one get in touch with Hermosa Beach depression treatment. After all, if all else has already failed in the past, what harm is there in giving Hermosa Beach TMS therapy a go? It would be downright insane to continue down the path of ECT and pharmacotherapy without seeing any positive and notable results after all these years, not to mention the amount of money spent. Depression treatment in Hermosa Beach need not be a tedious and difficult affair, but rather, one that is able to help the patient get well and be at peace with him or herself, as well as with the rest of society.

Call us at South Bay TMS Therapy today If you are feeling depressed or have sleepless nights because of anxiety attacks, TMS therapy is one way of solving this medical issue. South Bay TMS Therapy is well positioned as one of the premier providers when it comes to Hermosa Beach depression treatment.



Do take note that the patient is fully responsible for the whole cost of the TMS therapy treatment. One might want to take into consideration the safety net of a health insurance policy whenever possible, but just in case that one does not have an insurance policy that is able to cover the cost, feel free to approach a TMS prescribing psychiatrist or doctor who is able to offer some form of financial counseling.

Our consultants at South Bay TMS Therapy will be more than pleased to answer any queries that you might have concerning depression treatment in Hermosa Beach, as well as anxiety treatment in Hermosa Beach. We believe in drawing up a tailor-made program that is able to suit most budgets without excluding anyone who needs access to TMS therapy in the area. After all, it is our belief that everyone should be provided a chance to begin the journey of recovery.