Mindfulness based practices have a long history of success when it comes to reducing stress and improving brain function. That's why they are so powerful as an adjunct to transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy and so useful in a long-term approach to depression relief. Mindfulness practices have been adopted in many industries and are used successfully in many therapeutic modalities - for treating depression specifically, mindfulness can help deal with negative thoughts that can trigger relapse.




Effective and Powerful Emotional Maintenance

Following the initial TMS treatment for depression and moving into the post-acute care phase, South Bay TMS offers patients mindfulness services that can help you stay feeling your best, even after finishing with the primary treatment protocol. At this point in their journey, patients are often experiencing a tremendous amount of relief from the work they have done up to this point. Therapy is most effective when ongoing however, and at this stage, natural remedies for depression become important. Through implementing a presence practice with out guidance, patients begin to learn to harness a powerful depression relief technique and further develop their positive coping skills.

A Supporting Therapeutic Modality

Working from a mindfulness perspective can be extremely beneficial to patients because of how it can help them to accept situations and gain a significant amount of perspective on daily life situations that could have previously triggered a depressive episode. While it is not enough on it's own in cases of Major Depressive Disorder, it is powerful when used as a tool to maintain the results that the previous therapeutic modalities that South Bay TMS uses have helped patients achieve.

What Are The Benefits of Mindfulness?

The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Improve overall feelings of well-being
  • Avoid mind wandering
  • Help prevent negative and intrusive thoughts
  • Can be used as a powerful coping skill
  • Can make life more pleasurable
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves physical health by reducing stress



A Comprehensive Approach to Freedom from Depression

By introducing a continuum of care to our patients, we help them not only find short term relief, but put a support structure and follow up plan in place that doesn't end with after the first 4-6 weeks.